Dundee native Scott Douglas Gordon aka Loops Haunt makes electronic music of the untethered, experimental variety that isn’t afraid to shake its tail a little.

Following a trio of EPs, the producer’s full length debut, Exits, is an enduring and enigmatic calling card that takes cues from the bleak industrial soundscapes of Cabaret Voltaire to the stretched, ghostly songform of Aphex Twin and Burial.

With these reference points in mind (not to mention the puzzling moniker) there is a definite darkness about Gordon’s music.

The opener “Exits,” sinisterly sets the tone, the Stockhausian improvised drumming and glacial drones creating a perfect dread-laden atmosphere, before seeping into the eerie fever dream of “Trapdoor.”

“Hollowed,” with its surging organ and lashes of white noise even recalls the sickly psychedelia of the Cabs’ magnum opus, Red Mecca.

In fact, this album’s skewed mix of found-sound oddities and abstract timbres push it into the outer realms of early tape music than the work of any contemporary electronic musician.

Most importantly, Exits successfully blurs the line between electronic and organic, and its unique aesthetic leaves you guessing just what exactly is being sampled under all those warped noises and frayed textures.

The terrifying “Tunnelling,” with its ear-crushing sub-bass and periodic horn blasts, sounds not unlike the sensation of being buried alive, while “IIVA” goes all John Foxx; I almost half-expect the man himself to cry “UNDERPASS!” at the minute mark.

The eleven tracks on this album weave their way through the subconsciousness and demand repeated listens. You may feel the urge to break free of its grip during a lull, but stick with it and you will be richly rewarded.


Listen to ‘Howl’:


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